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The Mental health is vital, for an individual perhaps more emphasis need to be given as the physical health. When we commit Ourselves as healthy individuals, the soundness of our mind has a vital role. The ability of Understanding the true nature of Self and ability to enjoy the life without harming others perhaps makes a person mentally Sound.
Access to Quality mental health care, the Vision in mind and passion to work for persons with mental health problems and shoulder, the case and responsibility with family, is what made Mr. V. C. Joseph to establish an organisation to serve persons with mental health problems.
Puthu jeevan Trust Hospital hopes to have that energy and Charisma for its Growth and functions all the time in a continued basis. The Centre is hence called as ' One stop Centre' for all of the mental Health needs.

The hospital offers specialized treatment for Schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, anxiety based disorders, Obsessive disorder, post-traumatic Stress disorder, de-addiction treatment for alcoholics, drug addicted people, depressions, Children with Various behavioural Problems and institutionalized care for Geriatric psychiatric Patients.

Further for 25 years onwards all the trustee including the Director Pledge to serve the needy and to marginalized, thus we are committed to save the humanity.
Our Director's Message

This is our Honourable Director

Shri. V.C Joseph

Our director's Message Beyond caste, creed and Religion, the aim of Puthujeevan Trust is to provide Selfless, committed and Philantropic service to the society. We abide to bring people with mental aliments, physical aliments, the handicapped and other down trodden ones to the mainstream of the Society. For achieving this aim, we are a team functioning with full dedication. We look upon the protector of this institution, the Almighty God who grace care and support are essential for our institution ' s future endeavours. By the name 'Puthujeevan' We mean, through the holy book (Bible), that of making an Individual into a new transformed mentally healthy human being, from his old state, through God ' s grace.



• In 1996, while in Service at Police department Shri. V. C. Joseph started service for the down trodden helpless patients at Changanacherry taluk, by giving them food twice a day, medicine, etc. thereby the Puthujeevan Trust began functioning

• During the year 1999, (while retiring from Service after working for eight years), his beloved wife Shreemati Celine Joseph, a teacher resigned from her job.

• There after people roaming (wandering) in streets, Mental patients, handicapped, old aged people, helpless ones were given refuges in Puthu jeevan Orphanage.
• Puthu jeevan psycho socio rehabilitation Centre, with the approval of Kerala psycho socio department Started functioning with Nalu kody as its Centre where mental patients and Old aged people are provided care and Support .

• From 2012, at the Paippad Grama Panchayat, in Mundakotta region by the name “Puthujeevan Trust Hospital for Psychological Medicine ", the hospital started functioning.

• Puthujeevan trust is the parent organisation behind it is the psychiatry hospital.

• Puthujeevan trust hospital includes a 24 hour
working pharmacy, medical Laboratory ambulance service.

• The Dedication the medical staff, psychological counsellors, nursing assistants towards the wellbeing of the patient is the reason behind the overall success of the hospital.

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